The last few years have been landmark ones here at Dhofar University. At the end of 2018, Dhofar University became the first University in Oman to be accredited nationally by the OAAA. Following closely behind, the first international accreditation in Oman by ASIC came in the spring of 2019. Then by the beginning of 2021, we received 1st position in the HEI International Faculty Criteria by the QS Arab World Rankings, along with a 121 ranking on the QS Arab World Rankings.
The Foundation Program at Dhofar University has by no means lagged behind. The Foundation Program received 6 commendations from OAAA in September 2018, more than any other Foundation Program in Oman. Commendations came in everything from integration into the wider university to teaching quality to exam security and learning support. In addition, we have been taking bold steps to constantly improve implementation of the latest teaching practices and exceeding of learning goals set by the University and the OAAA.
In keeping with this desire to continually upgrade and lead the way, The Foundation Program at Dhofar University has now set its sights on hosting The Dhofar University First Annual ELT Conference in February 2022. This continues our aim to be and continually become one of the best Foundation Programs in the region.

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